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On 18th April 2019 Gurugram, India’s Great Entrepreneurs Award is a concept, which is at the center of all successful business and expert organizations – individuals or companies. The best performers and trend-setters in the business and administrations industry will vouch for the way that achievement comes just by making remarkable client experience. India’s Great Entrepreneurs Awards are not only the awards but also a great honor for your outstanding achievements.

India’s Great Entrepreneurs Award 2019 honor the doers and pioneers in spectacular style as the Business and Services Industry joins in to facilitate India’s top Manufacture Industry, Service and Technology Provider, Education Service Provider, Healthcare & wellness, Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism, Real State Companies and more.


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India’s Great Entrepreneurs Summit Talk – an open platform that brings together every individual to share their leadership strategies and their business journey.

India’s Great Entrepreneurs Summit Talk provides precisely the right platform for these corporate leaders to inter-mingle and share their experiences therefore providing valuable insight on particular aspects of the business world. These initiatives will serve as a channel for the growth of new leaders and entrepreneurs to spur the industrial growth and to drive the region’s economy.
The main purpose of the talk summit is to focus on business & service sector, challenges and opportunities in the respective field and the future growth of the business.


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• Expand networking event for leaders.
• Extensive media coverage
• Showcasing best product & Service.
• New Start ups Conclave and Young Entrepreneurs Conclave
• Industry Leaders’ Conclave and Service Leaders’ Conclave
• Adapting best practices from the outstanding business practitioners
• Redefining business growth techniques and innovative ways in trade
• Acknowledging and Highlighting the Best Business Leaders

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• To identify and recognize business and service excellence, associated service innovations and best practices that lead to customer satisfaction and delight.
• To highlight the importance of business and service excellence in today’s competitive and ever changing business environment. Business operation element and a profession.
• To enhance professionalism in customer service and enhancing the motivation, pride and self-esteem of service professional further.

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National Human Welfare Council (NHWC) is certified by Central Vigilance Commission & National Human Rights Commission (Govt. of India). The Mission of National Human Welfare Council & Sarv Seva Karya Samiti is to associate good deed people with our organization in big numbers who are “Working for Humanity”. To raise the bar of humanity to the optimum level where people respect for each other there shall be no discrimination based on caste creed and gender.
The Vision of National Human Welfare Council & Sarv Seva Karya Samiti is to create great leaders in the country who associate with each community of India and spread Humanity, Culture, Goodness, Wellness and set examples for the other nations to follow the customs and traditions of Humanity Followed by India. Visit NHWC India

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